Each year around the end of July, first part of August, we rally together as a church and put on our second biggest production of the year, behind our Easter Passion Play. To see what we've done the last several years, click on any of the links below!

VBS Dates for 2011 have now been officially scheduled! Mark your calendars for July 31-Aug 4, 6:30-9:00pm ! Release of the 2011 Theme is now listed below!! Click there for posting of updates!

2012 Time Machine / Sky

2011 Shake It Up

2010 High Seas

* Finding Nemo's Creator (special drama production done during VBS '10)

2009 Kingdom of the Son

*M.A.D.E. for Him website (teen music performing group of 2009, 2010)

*King's Lion website (Lion King drama team show)

2008 Power Lab

2007 GameDay Central