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Christmas Production

December is always a special month in KidsTown!
This month was kicked off on the 1st with a special story entitled "The Christmas Orange" that taught the children the value in giving to those less fortunate and appreciating the things God has blessed them with. Each child was also given an orange in challenge to seek out some way this holiday season for them to give back to those less fortunate in appreciation for all God has done for them!

On the 8th, we will be sharing another great story on giving entitled "The Sparkle Box" and following this on the 15th we will be doing our annual, full length Christmas Production. This year our show is a spiritual rewrite on the classic story by Hans Christian Anderson entitled, "The Little Match Girl."

There is actually a lot more going on than just this so we encourage you to download the month calendar here and check it all out!


For all the memories, we will miss you Sam. May God continue to guide and protect you as you seek to serve Him and your Country.

SAM (over 40 roles and 7 years)

Lawn mower boy
Member of Chuck’s Workout Team (VBS 07)
Edmund Pevensie (Narnia 08)
Iron Chef Competitor
Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz)
Classroom student
Video game addict
Fizz (VBS 08)
Xerxes, a lion (Bedknobs and Biblestories)
All Star (wolf mascot)
Hero Boy (Polar Express)
A Jedi
A monkey (VBS 09)
Darth Vader
A drifter (Wild West)
A Mythbuster
March Hare (Alice in Search of a Wonderful Land)
Andy (Pirates of the I Don’t Care-ibbean)
Marlin (Finding Nemo’s Creator, VBS 10,12)
Cook chef
Peter Pevensie (Narnia ’10)
A Knight of the Square Table (Tea Party Fantasy)
Shang (Mulan)
Superhero (VBS 12)
VBS Music Team (VBS 07, 08 MADE09, 10 and VBS 12, 13)
Lancelot (VBS 13)
Military soldier



This year was all about knights and princesses and castles and dragons! Capital Baptist Church went back in time to the Middle Ages and medieval times! Kids came dressed as warriors and fair maidens and princesses and enjoyed five great evenings of music, fun skits and stories, snacks, activities, and exciting shows! Extra special for the Preschoolers, they got to meet "Pickles" the Dragon during the opening stage show and for the Elementary, they meet Sir Blackwolf and Dame Dagryning of Medieval Fantasies Company and watched as they taught and performed life and society and war of the medieval ages! You can see more photos and video of our VBS on our KidsTown facebook page. Just search "Kidstown" and then locate Capital Baptist and then "like" the page.

Awana Awards 2013

This past week we concluded the Awana year with a great awards program. Congratulations to all of our clubbers who memorized so many verses this past year! 
Have a great summer and we'll see you again in the fall!

End of the Year Highlight Video

Summerfest 2013

Mark your calendars for SUMMERFEST 13! JUNE 30TH

Following the Patriotic Service, we will have a picnic and great inflatable games outside on our back lawn. We will also have a special guest performer in our gymnasium, Steve Gambrill, the extreme balloon man!

Sugar Rush at Easter

"A Truly Sweet Show" ~critics review

Newcomer Kaitlyn Artiles hit a home run with her performance as Vanellope von Schweetz and veteran performer Evan Granrud put in his best performance yet. Each character played their role beautifully and hit all their lines helping us get our main message through to our audience making this one of the best actor performances by the whole team to date. 

Vanellope and Ralph both learned that what they each had for their lives was part of the Master Programmer's (God's) plan for their lives and that what they perceived as glitches were really gifts, which in turn made them winners.

There was so much important and valuable words spoken through the characters in this particular play, we hope that you got to see it and took away something for your own life from it!

If not, you can still see it on dvd coming soon! 

(it will be available in the Gym lobby where the media is sold. You can also email Pastor Josh if you would like one sent to you. They will be $10 +shipping)

For Photos, you can access them by going to our Snapfish account. There are two folders, one has the general Sugar Rush photos in it and the other has all the photos of the kids posing with the characters.

If you need to know how to access the Snapfish account, click here.