Christmas at Magorium's Emporium

In a little known film that came out in 2007 and unfairly received negative reviews, Magorium's Wonder Emporium is a delightful family film with a positive message. In an response towards justice, the film did go on to receive two Christian and family film awards. Earlier this summer, Pastor Josh came across this film in a thrift store sales bin and decided to pick it up and see if there was anything to it. The film turned out to be the perfect backdrop for this year's KidsTown Live Christmas production.

Pastor Josh took the film and re-enacted it with his cast and crew and then added on a new chapter to the story. In the original film, a magical toymaker and store owner named Magorium passes on his store to a reluctant apprentice, Molly Mahoney. He challenges her to believe in herself and to write a new chapter in her life and the life of the store. The story ends here in the film and so Pastor Josh wrote on the end a new chapter which Molly writes in the life of the store.

The setting takes place at Christmas and Molly and her little helper, Noelle, challenge each other to bring back the true spirit of Christmas through giving and teaching the children how to give to others at Christmas through such efforts as the Angel Tree and Operation Christmas Shoebox.

The performing cast, lead by Gloria Fortune who played the role of Molly Mahoney and Bailey Small who played her helper Noelle did an amazing job!

A special thanks to everyone who made the day very special for our audience:

Magorium: Matthew Chandler
Narrator: Ashley Boichot
Ballerina: Emma Tompkins
Toy Soldier: Caleb Small
Raggedy Ann: Destinee Lampman
Orphan Child: Angel English
Mother and Child: Amy Leslie and Andrew Friedly
Checkers Child: Jasmine Mann
Legos Child: Sihun Kim
Painter: Rachel Elfman
Pop up Books Child: Sion Kim
Marionette Child: Chryne Lillo
Hula Hoop Child: Kaitlyn Artiles

Amy Small, script
Amy Leslie, backstage
Carrie Pearson, decoration and performance
Julia Smith
Karla Sandoval
Sarah Hill
Pearl and Grace Lee, music
Chris Hill, lighting
Kamol Khamphong, audio and soundtrack
Allen Boichot, video
Randy Ritter, photography

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We also hope to add video soon!