Mainstreet is our small groups Bible study time for children. Preschoolers have the opportunity to attend Mainstreet during either the 9:30 or 11:00 services and engage in a unique time of hands on crafts, activities, and Bible story telling. A snack is usually served as well. (due to the high number of children with peanut allergies, we serve no peanut based products) Attending for both the 9:30 and 11:00 times is perfectly ok! All our classes are lead by different small group leaders each hour who do different lessons and fun activities! Elementary age children get their chance to hang out down on Mainstreet at 11:00 after the KidsTown Live show that most of the Elementary age children attend first at 9:30.

One of our most important rules is regarding our Sickness Policy. In an effort to provide for all children the safest environment in which to learn about Jesus, we keep a close eye on the overall health condition of the children brought to Mainstreet. If a child comes sick to church, they will not be admitted into a classroom with other children. Sick children will have to stay with their parents. We don't feel that any parent would want to bring a healthy child to church and a sick one home with them so please, if your own child isn't well, don't bring them to church and expect us to care for them and also infect the other children and ourselves. Please read our full Sickness Policy here.

One other important rule that we have down in Mainstreet for all the parents is the "Ten Minute Rule". Because some of our teachers work on Sundays and they also have their own families to get to lunch and afternoon activities, we expect all parents to retrieve their children from their classrooms withing ten minutes of the end of the service or their small group class. This does not mean you have to leave this fast from Capital, you can stay around and visit with other folks all you want, but you are responsible for your children after 12:40pm. Thank you for respecting our teacher's time by being punctual with this.

Quick Look Summary of Mainstreet Times:

9:30-11:00 2yrs-Kindergarten
11:00-12:30 2yrs-6th Grade

Quick Look Summary of Maistreet Rooms:

101 Toy Store (2 year olds)
teachers: 930 Susan Hussar 1100 Mike and Tracy Eicher

102 Construction Zone (3 year olds)
teachers: 930 Gizette Khamphong 1100 Jill Kim

103 Gas Station (4 year olds)
930 Cathy McDonald 1100 Young Clark

104 Music Room (5 year olds/Kindergarten)
teachers: 930 Sharon Dennis 1100 Steve and Mary McMurrer

105 Bible Factory (3-4th grade Boys)
teacher: 1100 Peter Smith

106 Main Theatre (1st and 2nd grade)
teacher: 1100 Kaye English

107 Kids Town Times (3-4th grade Girls)
teacher: 1100 Kellie Mae Johnson

All Star Room (5-6th Grade) Metro Ministry
teachers: 930 Liz Baroni 1100 Norah Harmon, Janet Otto, Patricia Dutchie

What do you teach?
Link: Curriculum taught (for 2's and 3's @ 930, 5's and 1-4 grades @ 1100)
Link: Curriculum taught (for 2's and 3's @ 1100, 4's and 5's @ 930)
Link: Curriculum taught (for 4's @ 1100)
Link: Program conducted for 5-6 grade @ 930
Link: Curriculum taught (for 5-6 grade @ 1100)