Polar Express

"The Eternal Express" ~ KidsTown Live!

"I see that we've not been attending Sunday School anymore and no summer missions trip this year…I'd say this is your critical year." ~ The Conductor

"So what your saying is you don't want to be bamboozled, hoodwinked, taken for a ride…all that Jesus stuff, you just want to know if it's legit." ~ The Hobo Spirit

"Do you have your ticket to heaven?"

All those in attendance on December 21st were treated to one of KidsTown Live's rare "Big Shows." Every couple months, Pastor Josh scripts and directs a larger and more impressive production than normal. During the holidays he decided to give all the good little boys and girls a special treat for Christmas with the help of all his KidsTown team.

All attending children were treated to a live re-enactment of a beloved Christmas story, The Polar Express, with a spiritual twist. Everyone in the audience received a special ticket from the conductor, got to experience the "Hot Chocolate" Song with a cup of real hot chocolate from our servers, and they each received their first gift of Christmas!

Special Thanks goes to all our Performing Cast:

Conductor: Winston Leslie
Hobo Spirit: Spencer Leslie
Boy who believes: Sam Leslie
Girl who leads: Cristen Gauthier
Know it all greedy girl: Skylar Leslie
Poor lonely girl: Morgan Eldred
Eye Witness News host: Pastor Josh
Eye Witness News host: Julia Dennis
Lead hot chocolate server: Larry
Assistant Hot chocolate servers:
Katelin, Emily, Priscilla, Joey
Elves: Hannah, Emily
Special Effects: Dustin Gauthier
Assistant Special Effects: Zach Leslie
Sound/Video: Kamol Khamphong
Stage Assistant: Amy Leslie

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