Puppet Team

Puppet Team Purpose
We strive to accomplish two distinctive goals through this ministry.
We seek to utilize puppetry to improve and enhance our mediums through which we present spiritual truth to our audiences of people of all ages. We also seek to use puppets as a way to outreach into the community by hosting shows in schools, child care facilities, hospitals, parks, and anywhere else the Lord opens a door to.
The team also exists to aid in the spiritual development of each member through hands on learning and application of spiritual principles. We also seek to provide a place for safe and spiritually uplifting social growth through this unique "small group."
Our team's key Scripture is: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." –Matthew 5:16

Natural talent or puppet skills are not necessary for joining the team. Attitude and ministry interest are much more important. Almost anyone can learn to be a puppeteer. We are selective on who ultimately becomes a puppeteer based up how well they appear to posses these traits: dependable, enthusiastic, teachable, willing to work hard, able to get along with others, and who see puppetry as a potential ministry to others.

Because puppetry is an acquired skill built up over time of regular practicing and strength building, someone looking to become a puppeteer must be able to give a regular, weekly time commitment to our practices. In addition to the weekly practices, a puppeteer must be readily available on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and Saturdays for the shows.

Though we do still gather together to perform on occassion for special events or situations, we really do not have an "official" team at the present time that meets or performs on a regular basis. Occassionally the director (also the Children's Pastor) and his main assistant do accept invitations to perform within the community or train other churches in puppet ministry.You are welcome to contact him at jbaker@captialbaptist.org if you are interested in booking a show or training session for your ministry. Average requested honorarium is $250 plus milage. 

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