Easter 2012 ~ Mulan

This year's Children's Ministry Easter production featured a parody parable rewrite on the Disney movie, Mulan. Our parody parables are earthly stories that have be rewritten with a heavenly meaning. Mulan's story was about finding identity and honor. Mulan's search leads her through some right choices and some wrong ones, through a matchmaker calamity and a training camp filled with other girls destined to become the next line of soldiers in the Emperor's imperial army. In the end, Mulan finds what she was looking for with the prayers of her father and the guidance of others around her.

Mulan ~ Pearl Lee
Shang ~ Sam Leslie
Shan Yu ~ Christian Rios
Mushu ~ Nelson Sanchez
Cri-kee ~ Bailey Small
Fa Zhou ~ Steve Kim
Fa Li ~ Jill Kim
Grandmother Fa ~ Stephanie Antone
Emperor ~ Bob Vickers
Chi-Fu ~ Evan Granrud
Matchmaker ~ Charmelle Clark
Brides ~ Macarena Palacios, Aiko Shiraishi, Akari Shiraishi, Karla Sandoval, Suany Olivia
Army ~ (sticks) Grace Lee, Ashley Boichot, Julia Smith, Sam Leslie, Pearl Lee
Army ~ (archers) Macarena Palacios, Akari Shiraishi
Army ~ (karate) Aiko Shiraishi
Army ~ (rocket) Karla Sandoval
Huns ~ Kevin Rios, Kioshi Shiraishi, Evan Granrud

Supporting Cast
Carrie Pearson, Amy and Justin Small, Amy and Winston Leslie, Crystal and Christine Lillo, Kamol Khamphong, Aaron Fiegel, Chris Hill, Allen Boichot, Randy Ritter, John Shiraishi, Akemi and Chris Orlando, Darwin Valencia, Genry Murillo, Gonzalo Villanueva, Lynette Eagy, Sharon Williams, Tammy Musgrove, and the Monkeys (Chryne, Sion, Lillie).

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Make a Man Out of You

You can see other clips from the production by clicking on these links:
*Matchmaker and Cri-kee*
*Brides Dance*
*Mulan's Reflection*

Full video of the production soon to be available at the KidsTown table in the Gym Hallway. You may also request one by speaking with Pastor Josh. Suggested donation: $10