Let Your Light Shine

As I look back on some of what we accomplished this summer, one of the things that stands out the most to me was our VBS performance of Nemo. Of course the reveal of the use of blacklight to our audience for the first time definately left an impression, however, I am more impressed with what most people didn't see. I am impressed with what each person was required to give and willingly gave to make such a show possible. There was Joshua who had to take his script with him on the family vacation and then cram in one practice what others had gotten in three. There was exhausted Hannah, who showed it not as she amazingly performed the role of Dory. There was Ashley who got no practices with the rest of the team and yet surfed her way through a super show- you totally rock dude! There was Eric who bravely performed while handling the death of a parent right during our preparation time. Now that is commitment! And there was Dennis and Matthew and Winston, who drove many a mile to be a part of the show. And lastly, but not least of these, the other teens who shined their light, no not their blacklight clothes and puppets, but their hearts for serving Jesus by serving the church. It is truly amazing to me what the Hannahs, Amys, Skylars, Sams, Crystals, Ryans, Julias, and Ashleys of this world will do if they are simply given a chance and supported by the adults around them.
A while ago, I visited the Smithsonian museum of American History and viewed the famous flag which inspired the words of Francis Scott Key's song, The Star Spangled Banner. It is amazing how many people wish to have just a brief moment to view this flag and to what lengths the museum currators have gone to preserve this piece of our history. It is humbling to think of how many died that that flag could continue to fly over this land. As I read some of the history of the flag on the display in the museum, I learned something that amazed me. This priceless piece of our country's heritage, was originally made by a woman, her daughter, two nieces, and an indentured servant. At least three, possibly four young people played a significant role in producing for our country the point behind which so many rallied our cause. One thing I've learned over the years of working with kids and youth: they are almost always capable of so much more than we give them a chance for. If we will give them good spiritual guidance and vision, they will set for our future a rally point and a bright light that will glow forever the name and power of Jesus Christ!
Well done to all, "thou good and faithful servants" of Christ.