KidsTown Live!

“Never lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”Romans 12:11

KTL is our innovative 9:30 contemporary Sunday morning children’s stage production for 1st– 4th graders (and occassionally 5th & 6th). It is complete with video, high-energy music, fun drama that will make you laugh, and jaw-dropping stories from the Bible that make you say, “Wow!”
Kids never know from week to week whether they will be jumping around with a song cheerleader, catching candy, seeing puppets, witnessing gospel illusion, looking at things hundreds of years old from Bible times, or being challenged to a Bible Sword Drill Competition.

Please make sure you and your child understands the expectations and rules of KidsTown Live! when you come. We don't want to call on Ms Carrie our security guard to come and get you!
Link: KidsTown Live! Rules

Also be sure and check out this link to learn all about some of the shows we've done and who is on our team that you will get to know! Meet the Drama Team

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Links to other great posts on KTL:
Drama Team Photos
Narnia Show
Polar Express Show
A Smashing Show
Bedknobs and BibleStories
Iron Chef
Alice in Search of a Wonderful Land
No More Monsters Inc

I want the video from one of the shows!
You can purchase a copy of these shows by clicking here:
(not available for viewing online)
You can also pick up any of these by seeing Pastor Josh in KTL.

*Wizard of Oz
*Charlie Brown Valentines Day
*No More Monsters Inc
*Wild West
*Extreme Makeover Church Edition
*Alice in Search of a Wonderful Land
*Finding Life in a Secret Garden
*Christmas at Magorium's Emporium
and many others!

You can watch online the shows listed below simply by clicking on them:
Eternal Express (Polar Express) *
Tea Party Fantasy
If you Give Evan a Cookie
*You may also purchase printed case copies of the online ones with an *asterick

I want to see more pictures from KidsTown Live!
Link: Online Photos

*Currently Listed are photos from these shows:
--Wizard of Oz
--Iron Chef III
--High School Musical Interviews
--Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Skit
--Western Skit
--Camping Skit
--Polar Express
--Bedknobs and BibleStories
--Iron Chef IV
--Charlie Brown Christmas
--Alice in Search of a Wonderful Land
--Tea Party Fantasy
--No More Monsters Inc
--Castles and Conquest
--Christmas at Magorium's Emporium
--Finding Live in a Secret Garden
--Narnia II