So what or where is this place called Servopolis?
Servopolis is the online blog site area that is dedicated solely to the effective training of all CBC volunteers and resource providing for the effective equipping of these leaders.
Not real flashy and not at all relevant for the guest checking out our kids programs, this site however, is extremely important if you serve in any ministry capacity here at Capital. We are working hard to provide online as many forms, instruction manuals, program policies, and video tutorials as possible so that every volunteer will have easy access to becoming effectively equipped and empowered to serve their Lord by serving the children in the most fruit bearing way possible.
If you are a volunteer in any capacity of Children's Ministry here at Capital, we encourage you to check out the site! More will be added weekly!

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I wandered onto this blog article and I don't yet serve in Children's Ministry at Capital, but I would like too! What opportunities are available? We're glad you asked! Follow the link below and then go to the Contact Us link and find the leader over the area that you are interested in being a part of and send them an email! They will be glad to hear from you!

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