Rocket Science

Maybe you've heard the phrase, "This isn't rocket science." Here at Capital in children's ministry, I'm often asked, "How can I help?" or "What do you need?" There really is a rather simple answer to over 75% of these offers.

The answer comes back in the form of another question. "Are you willing to give up either a small group class, a service, or a Sunday night class?"

If your answer to this is "yes" then great! Let's talk. If its "no", it won't be that you can't help in some way, but what you need to understand is that about 90% of the actual execution of Children's Ministry happens on Sunday during the time lots of other stuff is going on. Therefore about 75% of the situations needing help are occuring during a service or a small group Bible study time.

Space exploration and fact gathering has been an important part of our nation's history for quite some time now. Many scientists have given their very lives in the pursuit of knowing "what is up there" and they consider our understanding of the heavens vital to our country's future.

What I want to know is how many of them understand that making sure our children understand who made those heavens is infinately more important to our nation's well-being in the future?

Just like scientists, our children are naturally wired with a curiosity to know what is up there too. Are we willing to invest our very lives to insure that they know who is up there?

We are very grateful to all our "rocket scientists" who understand this situation and have made that giant step of personal sacrifice to insure that our kids "reach the heavens" in their understanding of who Jesus is.

Are you one of our rocket scientists? If not, are you ready to take one small step for yourself, but one giant leap for mankind?