Man vs. Machine

"Ministry has no substitute for people. There is no replacement for a Spirit-led person. A multi-media format cannot replace the personal attention of a living, breathing human-being. No cartoon, movie, or music video will ever be able to replace a man or woman of God. Personal attention thumps multi-media. Flesh and blood trumps plug and play. High-touch beats high-definition...every time.

The big secret in children’s ministry is that the kids will remember YOU long after they have forgotten your lesson. No video lesson ever called a child by name. No multi-media presentation ever prayed with a child. No movie ever cared about what a child was going through at home. Ministry requires people.

In Acts 10 God sent Peter to share the Gospel with Cornelius. To hook them up, God sent an angel to Cornelius and a vision to Peter. Why didn’t He tell the angel to share the Gospel with Cornelius? Why didn’t He give the vision to Cornelius and include a Power Point presentation that outlined the major doctrines of the Gospel? That would have saved Peter a trip. Instead God passed over an angel and a sky-wide, multi-media presentation to use a person. There is something powerful about an ordinary person talking about the good news of Jesus.

Multi-media tools have a place in our culture. Cool videos can embellish a lesson experience. Power Point can enhance a message. Graphics can illustrate a point. However, when multi-media becomes a convenient substitute for people, kids get shorted.

Maybe we aren’t world-class Bible instructors. But who is? Maybe we're all just just ordinary moms, dads, singles, and seniors who want to help steer kids in the right direction for God. Here’s the test. If they love the Lord and can fog a mirror, chances are they will make a memory that lasts longer than a video."

~article from Roger Fields,
agreeded upon whole-heartedly by Pastor Josh