Easter 2011

KidsTown Live!
Easter 2011 Production
Join a young girl on her journey from death unto life through
a secret garden filled with butterflies.

This Easter all attending guests were treated to a simply magical production of Finding Life in a Secret Garden. Written by Pastor Josh Baker and Directed by Amy Leslie and Amy Small, this story was a spiritual re-write on the old beloved classic story, The Secret Garden.

Our story told the tale of Mary, a war refuge child who loses her parents and has to go live with a depressed Uncle who's wife has also died. Being forced to live locked away in a bedroom, Mary discovers a hidden doorway to the outside world and to a boy named Dicken and a Garden believed to be dead. Mary soon discovers it isn't really dead, just like she isn't either. Mary comes to learn about life in the Garden and a renewed life she can have too from the Garden's Creator.

Special Thanks to our Cast and Crew:
Sion Kim ~ Mary
Evan Granrud ~ Dicken
Priscila Villanueva ~ gold butterfly
Bailey Littrell ~ pink butterfly
Pearl Lee ~ orange butterfly
Ashley Boichot ~ yellow bee
Karla Sandoval ~ red butterfly
Paula Harsh ~ green butterfly
Julia Smith ~ purple butterfly
Jordan Marteny ~ lavender butterfly
Crystal Lillo ~ blue butterfly
Amy Small ~ backstage director
Amy Leslie ~ backstage director
Kyle Griswold ~ audio music score
Kamol Khamphong ~ sound
Chris Hill ~ lighting
Jhandira Roca and Christine Lillo ~ face painting

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