Every year during the planning phase of Vacation Bible School, Pastor Josh spends several long days researching and trying to find the next "Hit Song" for VBS. Big House by Audio Adrenaline has consistently ranked #1 of all time, however there have been some close contenders such as Jesus Loves Me Rock by the Nilssons and What If by PureNRG. Each song has been presented in a uniqe way up on the big stage. Big House and Jesus Loves Me Rock were brought to the kids by puppets and What If was coreographed and performed by the Drama Team in full costumes.

This year, we think we've given Big House a real shot at toppling to #2 with a song by Hillsong Kids called SuperHero. This was another coreographed song scripted by Cristen Gauthier and performed by our KidsTown Drama Team in full costumes. Our Super Heroes were Skylar Leslie, Cristen Gauthier, Zach Leslie, Kyle Schlarman, Dustin Gauthier, Crystal Lillo, Morgan Eldred, Patty Porter, and Julia Dennis.

Giving "props" to the originators of this awesome song, watch this clip and then maybe you'll want to support their efforts at making more great music for kids by buying the song!

Where can I buy the Superhero Song?
Link: Hillsong Kids

Below is a clip from our own rendition of this awesome song!